Frequently asked questions

How do I arrange admission to Thomond Lodge Nursing Home?

All Referrals including self referrals are considered and each application is assessed individually.
In order to achieve this protocol would include,
Visiting and meeting (if feasible) the resident and the Carers prior to admission.
A referral letter from their General Practitioner outlining their pre-admission medical history and current Medication.
A valid Medication Prescription.
Letter from Geriatrician or Doctor involved in their care if available.
A letter from Public Health Nurse or Community Services involved in their care.
Completed subvention form if applicable.
Medical Card Details.

What level of care does Thomond Lodge Nursing Home provide?

We accommodate residents requiring any level of care from low dependency to maximum dependency.

Can I get any assistance with the fee?

Subvention application forms are available for completion. Each applicant is assessed individually by the local HSE office, the form must be returned to the HSE before admission to Thomond Lodge Nursing Home.

How is the rate established for residents?

The daily rate varies depending on room type and level of dependency of the resident.

What does the room rate include?

Please see enclosed information guidelines.

What is the payment procedure?

Long term residents pay one month in advance by Direct Debit.
Rooms are charged daily.
Private short term guests pay the full amount on admission.

What is the billing procedure?

Residents or their nominated relative or carer receive a monthly statement showing the payable balance which includes the room tariff and any additional services used during the month.

If the resident is admitted to an external hospital is the fee payable?

Yes, if the bed is retained by the resident, the daily bed rate will apply and the fee is unchanged.

Can a resident be asked to leave?

Yes, a resident after due consideration can be discharged from Thomond Lodge Nursing Home, for three reasons:

Failure to pay fee.
Danger to themselves or others.
Inability of Thomond Lodge Nursing Home, to meet medical or Psychological needs.

Are there planned activities?

An extensive range of activities will be arranged with an activity co-ordinator and the residents
Art Classes and computer Classes will be available but may incur a nominal charge.

Is there a GP service available?

There will be a GP available. If the resident wishes they may remain under the care of their own GP, with his/her consent, or they may transfer their care to one of the GPs who provide a service to Thomond Lodge Nursing Home.

Is Smoking permitted in Thomond Lodge Nursing Home?

Smoking by staff or visitors is strictly forbidden at Thomond Lodge Nursing Home, we ask visitors to respect this. A Smoking room is provided for the use of residents only. Smoke detectors are fitted through out the Home.

Are religious services available to residents?

The Oratory is available to all denominations, all clergy are welcome to visit. Mass will be celebrated regularly.

What are meal times?

Breakfast will be served at 8.30am in residents rooms
Lunch 12.30pm
Dinner 5 pm
Evening supper 9pm
Meals can be served in the dining room or residents room if desired
Nutritious and appetizing meals will be served. A choice of menu is available on a daily basis.There will be a wide selection of snacks and drinks available.

Are visitors permitted at meal times?

Visitors are welcome. If visitors wish to avail of our meals notification would assist and a nominal charge will be incurred.

What are the visiting times?

Thomond Lodge Nursing Home policy, is to provide open visiting within the hours of 11am to 9pm with exceptions, in consultation with staff.
Children are welcome to Thomond Lodge Nursing Home, but must be accompanied and supervised by an adult visitor and we recommend the visit takes place in the Visitors Room provided.

What do I need to take with me to Thomond Lodge Nursing Home?

Night wear, dressing gown, slippers,
Comfortable clothing, leisure wear, underwear, toiletries etc.
Attire to include properly fitting non slip flat shoes.
All clothing requires labelling with residents name.
We encourage the resident to bring small personal items such as Art, small ornaments, photos etc to personalise their rooms.
We recommend that valuables are not brought to the Home by resident.
Medication List
GP Name and Details.
Outpatient visiting details.
Payment Details.
Next of Kin
List of emergency contact numbers  

If I have problem or complaint who do I approach?

It is the policy of Thomond Lodge Nursing Home, that complaints are dealt with in an efficient manner.
In the event of a grievance procedure or complaint, the matter should be referred to the Manager, or in her absence, the Nurse in Charge on the day.
Complaint forms are available for completion and can be left for the Manager's attention.
If you are not satisfied with the management of your complaint, you may report your concerns to the HSE, details of which are available at reception.
Inspector team from the HSE will visit regularly to make sure standard are met.
These reports can be accessed at: