Day Care Centre

thomond A place to meet

An extended day Care facility will be developed alongside the Thomond Lodge Retirement Village and Nursing Home. It is envisaged that this will be the Hub of activity in which both communities i.e. Nursing Home and Retirement Village residents will have an opportunity to meet and socialise with contemporaries, thus promoting in a safe environment social contact, Stimulation and an opportunity to network in a normal atmosphere that is conducive to independence and the promotion of healthy living.

Function and Activities

It is recognised that the quality of people's lives is dependant on the type and quality thomondof care provided by accessibility of services
It is our commitment to provide the highest level of care and services to all our residents.
Function of the Day-care service
- Comprehensive provision of services
- Provide an opportunity to meet with support services or designated carer
- Encourage the visiting of agencies who will/would provide extended care to the users of the service
- Provide assistance in some activities of daily living

Day centre care activities may also include:thomond
- Coffee booth
- Social activities
- Art
- Board Games
- Cards
- Bingo
- Slide shows, cinema
- Yoga
- Relaxation

The amenity building also includes an office/ consultation room, Ladies and Gents toilets, a kitchen for serving lights snacks and refreshments.

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